About Us

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Enviro Asia Supplies and Services (SA0166157-K)

Incorporated in September 2010, to provide a comprehensive scope of products to the professional cleaning industry. From specialty cloths and wipes, to modern janitorial tools, vacuum cleaners, high pressure water cleaners to a complete selection of floor care machines. Offering a quality products that can solve most cleaning problems and equally importantly, a reliable after sales service.

It’s core business activities is to supply Cleaning Equipments, Machines, Spare Parts, Accessories and Chemicals.

The current business activities of the Company are:-

  • Cleaning Equipment and Machinery
  • Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • After sales service support and repairs.

To always maintain the highest quality standards in our products and services.

We aspire to be a top player in commercial and industrial cleaning products and equipments supplies.

Enviro Asia offers a wide range of products, with full support from our principal.

We are appointed dealer for the following range of products:-

  • Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Spare Parts

  • Commercial and Industrial High Pressure Water Cleaners
  • Spare Parts

  • Polishing/Buffing Machines
  • Single Disc Scrubber
  • Spare Parts

We Also Repair Machines From: